Vouchers available ( values of £4, £9, £12 or £15) Christmas orders taken until 24th December if collected (and subject to fabric stock).


The snood also known as neck-warmer in plain English is an great winter accessory to keep your neck warm. Available in various colours, designs and fabrics they are home made locally in Edinburg in Karine’s little home sewing room.

The outer layer is usually made of cotton, polycotton , fleece or even stretchy cotton jersey  and the inner layer provides a cosy warm feel in polar or cuddly fleece.

They come in adult and child sizes, here are the approximate sizes

  • Adult : circumference 60 to  68 cm (23.6 inches to 26.7 inches)
  • Child : circumference : 55 to 60 cm (21.6 inches to 23.6 inches)

2 prices: £9 or £15 depending on the model (excl. postage fee)


Reusable facemasks are also available in a variety of designs. Made of 2 layers of cotton available in the following size:

  • L:  28 cm  (11 in.) across x 18cm (7 in.) nose to chin
  • M: 26 cm (10.2 in.)  across x 16 cm (6.3 in.) nose to chin
  • Child -3 to 9 year old : 20cm (7.8 in.) across x 12 cm (4.7 in.) nose to chin

Nose bridge strip integrated for a snug fit and to prevent glasses steaming up. No nose bridge strip for children.

Attachment is around the ears or head & neck, it is up to you.

Priced at £4 each (some at £7 depending on fabrics) -excl. postage


The latest clothing accessory is the beanie hat. Whether you want to match your snood or mask or want one, they also come in different colours, designs and fabric and are reversible to choose the look you want !

They are available in 3 sizes :

  • S (young child up to 4/5 years old): circumference approximately 56 cm (22 inches)
  • M (child, teen, women): circumference approximately 64 cm (25.1 inches)
  • L: (men): circumference approximately 76cm (39.9 inches)

There is a classic beanie hat model and a ear flat model, both are priced at £15 each.


 There is no mass production and they are often made upon request which allows to have new models often.

 The various designs can be seen on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/snoodsbykarine and do not hesitate to contact me with any query you may have at karinemorin1@yahoo.fr .

Orders are taken via email or messenger and payment via bank transfer or cash if collected