Theatre Workshop in French

The French drama workshops with Théâtre Sans Accents return to the Institut français this Spring with a monthly workshop.

Drama games, improvisation, play readings and many more activities in French… Edinburgh-based company Théâtre Sans Accents encourages you to go beyond language boundaries and explore a theatrical language made from a plurality of accents.



Marcel L’Herbier’s newly restored experimental masterpiece follows femme fatale opera singer Claire Lescot who tragically discovers what love is.

Written by L’Herbier and filmed by American artist Man Ray, the silent film classic is accompanied by a new soundtrack composed by Aidje Tafial in 2015. Director: Marcel L’Herbier (France, 1924 – 135 mins – Fiction)

L’homme sur les quais

Built on fragments of memory, the story of a young girl’s intuitive struggle for survival in the malevolent political and social environment of Haiti under Papa Doc Duvalier in the 1960s. Eight-year-old Sarah’s father is a discredited army officer. He and his wife are forced to flee their small rural town by Janvier, a vicious Tonton Macoute strongman. They leave behind Sarah and her two sisters. The children are entrusted to their grandmother, who risks her life to secure them from Janvier, now bent on revenge and dedicated to the new regime.

L’Homme sur les quais will be followed by a talk by Rachel Douglas (University of Glasgow) on May 16.
Rachel Douglas is a member of our partner organisation, the Haïti Support Group.

French events in Edinburgh

This website’s ambition is to list all the events that take place in and around Edinburgh and are connected to France and other French-speaking countries. Cinema, music, dance, exhibitions will all be featured.

We also want to promote French businesses in Edinburgh and hope that you will enjoy this information.