21-08-2017 15:25 - 26-08-2017 16:35

Moliere’s classic comedy is one of the great originals that have been remade, adapted, musicalised and everything else-ised over the years. But, as with most classics, the original is still the best, and this is the original, brilliantly and wittily adapted by Roger McGough! The plot: a power hungry impostor uses fear and religion to gain power… with ridiculous and fabulously entertaining outcomes. Could this be relevant today? Bede’s Drama has an enviable reputation for producing brilliant and innovative productions, and these young dramatists are among the best in the universe (says Tartuffe himself, so it must be true!)

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  • 02-08-2017 21:25 - 27-08-2017 22:35

    Stagger me sideways! King Ubu, usurper to the throne of Baloney, carries a mop instead of a sceptre and dreams of his pâté de dog. Meanwhile, he liquidates enemies and friends. Under his reign citizens face unbearable taxation and crippling whimsy, until someone calls for revolution… Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi is an absurd comedy which caused riots and launched the European avant-garde. Ludens Ensemble transform Ubu into a big old bash. Featuring interactive videos, live DJ, puppetry, shadow play, object manipulation and four actors who move about and say things. Supported by the Cyprus High Commission.

  • 04-08-2017 18:30 - 28-08-2017 19:30

    Every day the same ceremony is held: a hotel room, a man, a woman. A sea between them. He pays her, she gives in. Multimedia show between electro-theatrical performance and choreography under video surveillance. Performed in the original French or in English translation: check website for details. Made in partnership with: DICREAM, CNC, CNL, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

  • 04-08-2017 20:45 - 28-08-2017 21:45

    The war breaks out. Juan, a young private, and the virile Captain Fidel Castra are stranded alone in the most complete solitude, far from the front line. The enemy is approaching... They are awaiting the orders... The show alternates intense violent moments with lighter poetical instants in the style of comic trash. It is a politically incorrect and caustic show that involves the art of pantomime and plays on different genres; burlesque and art performance. Not to be missed!

  • 12-08-2017 11:05 - 13-08-2017 11:50

    In-Between: languages, careers, sexual preferences... Lisa shares her life contradictions on stage, in English as another weirdness! She is so off the wall, that she'll make you feel normal. Stand-up in English, by a French girl and her accent. Her little thing: her interaction with the audience, that makes the show a different experience each time. She performed in Paris, New York, Tel Aviv, Geneva, etc and each time, encountered the same warm welcome from the audience.

  • 21-08-2017 18:00 - 26-08-2017 18:50

    When Camille transfers to London, she finds herself blissfully following a well-travelled road. She left her country to discover and grow, yet her reality slowly narrows. But when complications with her baby arise, she needs to truthfully engage with the society that has welcomed her. Naysam arrives at seventeen in France as a foreign student with a suitcase and a heart filled with books – thinking she will finally live the stories of her favourite fictional characters, and find a home. But the reality of immigration documents, economic and social survival quickly take the best of her.