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Street Self Defence Class & Social Event After

*** SOLD OUT *** 
What would you do if someone attacked you? 
Ok, how about if they were much bigger and stronger? 
And it was from behind, there was limited space, or other unique circumstances?

I’m very excited and proud to present our own Street Self Defence seminar. You will be shown a variety of undesirable situations and get you to practice different ways you can get out of them. All techniques will make the assumption of someone bigger and stronger than you with the emphasis of removing yourself from the situation as safely and efficiently as possible.

There will also be special time allocated for any questions you might have. Saturday 17th June 11.30am – 1pm in the small games hall in St Thomas of Aquins taught by instructor Craig.

PRICE & DEADLINE These events are usually approx £30 but as you know I like to make things as affordable as possible.

Cost is just £15 any time before 8PM THURSDAY 15th of JUNE 
If you want to pay on the same day is it £30.

Also, when you pay you can come to all future events for free!

You can pay online or in cash at any of our classes (I will message those that RSVP YES).


McSorley’s have reserved an area for us, will be giving us FREE food and v cheap drinks. This will be an exceptionally popular event and hence McSorley’s will be busy to. People from the classes will join us to making a huge group


As with all our events you’re encouraged to bring friends, flatmates, partners…etc so pass on the invite. 
No prior knowledge is needed and they would just need comfortable clothes and trainers.

This seminar is equally applicable for guys and girls. Additionally, for the guys I will give some alternatives for some of the techniques if you wish such as (realistic) punch defence and some common ‘fight’ scenario’s.