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FFF: Les Géants (N/C 15+)

December 2, 2011

Director Bouli Lanners
Cast Zacharie Chasseriaud, Martin Nissen, Paul Bartel, Karim Leklou, Didier Toupy, Gwen Berrou, Marthe Keller
2011 I 84mins I Int. Sales Memento Films International
Belgian director Bouli Lannerswas a painter before he turned to acting and filmmaking, and there’s ample evidence of that background in the sumptuous visuals of The Giants,with lush landscapes and a wooded river setting that show the majestic beauty of nature at its most seductive. Three appealing young actors bring unforced charm, buoyancy and vulnerability to this coming of age story. Written by Lanners and Elise Ancion, The Giants is a European take on modern Hollywood films about the exhilarating freedoms and jarring dangers of adolescent experience, such as The Outsiders or Stand By Me. The film is more focused on mood and on suggesting the inner lives of its characters than on their adventures and adversities, and its unvarnished depiction of the harsh betrayals and disappointments of the world provides glimmers of a grittier brand of social realism. It’s also slickly packagedwith high-sheen production values. Two brothers in their mid-teens, Zak (Zacharie Chasseriaud) and Seth (Martin Nissen), are left to their own devices and dwindling funds by an absentee mother working abroad. Shacked up for the summer at the rural cottage of their late grandfather, they strike up a warm friendship with another unsupervised local teenager, Dany (Paul Bartel) and the gang hatch plans and go joyriding in grandpa’s beat-up car.

Bouli Lanners will be at all the screenings of The Giants.
Edinburgh Filmhouse Fri 2 Dec 18:00 + PA


December 2, 2011
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