French Edinburgh

Discovering your French Voice – Workshop

17-06-2017 11:00 - 17-06-2017 15:00


What is it?  
4 hour workshop (with a 30 minute break half way for lunch) covering Voice training, Phonetic work, Pronunciation and Saying a text.

Who is it for? Everyone!  
• Complete beginners to fluent or mother tongue speakers are welcome. This workshop is for people looking to develop their French and looking to improve their pronunciation.  
• Teachers in Modern Foreign Languages and interested in phonetics are very welcome to join.  
• It is also for French people willing to develop the ability to feel poetry through reading or to understand how an actor reads poetry.

When is it? Saturday 17th June from 11am to 3pm Where will it be held? Media Education Centre, 183 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2EB

How much is it? £30 in advance or £32 on the door. Please book your place by using Eventbrite or by emailing

Why do I need it? 
Phonetic voice training improves the overall sound of your language and will help you to perfect the pronunciation of the French that you use. 
All techniques are from acting and singing techniques. They are used for vocal training purpose. These techniques help you to be aware of the sound that we produce and how we produce them. Through these techniques the sound becomes something real that one can feel.  
Using these techniques and mixing them with the phonetic scheme / knowledge the student will be able to understand and then with practice master the very difficult French sounds such as u, en, in. 
The use of phonetic documents supports the practice which becomes clear and concrete. After this workshop the student will see foreign language from another point of view and French people will rediscover their own language.

Email for price and further details.